Secure Communications
Our Secure Communication solutions allow customers to make secure and encrypted voice calls to mobile phones and to the Enterprise's offices. You can communicate securely with confidence knowing that your connection is immune to hackers and lawful intercept soultions.
Video Surveillance
EmaraTech's Video Surveilance solutions provide comprehensive security infrastructure with support for the latest HD IP Cameras. We offer advanced analytics and can integrate our products with third party systems.
SMS Advertising
Our SMS Advertising solutions can be applied to many applications. Enterprises can send notifications to their employees or mobile coupons to consumers. Law Enforcement entities can make use of these soultions for amber alerts and emergency communications.
Shipping Container Security Solutions
We provide comprehensive Security Solutions for Shipping Containers. These solutions include mobile tracking units with light sensors to detect doors opening and closing. We also offer automatic character recognition for containers for country identification and other applications.
Custom Wireless Networks
EmaraTech's ccustom wireless networks are tailored to meet your technical requirements. We offer CDMA, GSM, 3G and 4G solutions and can provide solutions for remote areas even where there is no infrastructure or backhaul.
Fleet Management and Mobile Tracking
We provide both covert and Fleet Management tracking solutions for vehicles and mobile phones. These solutions are complemented by a centralized monitoring center that provides visual GIS displays for tracking and analytics for speed, pattern of life, etc.